About Us

Established in 1995, The Furniture Emporium is a family-run business with a history and passion for both antique and modern furniture at its heart. With changing fashions and trends, we always offer a large variety of styles and finishes to inspire and appeal to all.  From Rustic to Modern, Minimalist to Classic, Painted/Shabby Chic or 'Vintage' as well as true Antique finds - we have one foot in the past, embracing all things vintage and retro, and one foot in the future as we source and manufacture high quality solid oak and pine furniture produced from sustainable wood stocks.  We have a vast knowledge, expertise and experience of all aspects of the furniture trade, coupled with a traditional, personalised approach to customer care.  We pride ourselves on our strong and trusted reputation for quality, value and reliability.  Our customers return and buy with confidence time and time again!